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Consultancy and Expertise




  • Conveyor belts entry check-in and warranty claim.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the conveyor belting and splices quality.
  • PC software for conveyor belting and splices statistics.
  • Lifetime norms for conveyor belting.
  • Determination of the main reasons for conveyor belting early replacement. 
Conveyor belting optimal selection
  • Pricing, payment conditions, warranty.
  • Conveyor belting type unification and stock minimizing.
  • Conveyor belting lifetime and failure rate.
  • Purchase, operation, maintenance and repair cost minimizing for conveyor belting and belt conveyors.
  • Conveyor belting operational time expansion. 


Evaluation of the conveyor belting wear, condition and quality 

  • Wear measurement of the conveyor belting covers.
  • Wear measurement of the conveyor drum lagging.
  • Conveyor belting physical-mechanical properties measurement.
  • Adhesives and conveyor belting splices quality evaluation.
  • Photo and Video documentation of the conveyor belting wear and damage. 


Solutions for operation problems and maintenance optimization

  • Solution of the specific conveyor operational problems.
  • Solution of the specific belting operational problems.
  • Implementation proposals for optimal maintenance system for conveyor and belting including its realization.

Contact person: RNDr. Jaroslav Jochman, E-mail: jochman.jaroslav@vvvmost.cz


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