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Permanent magnetic separation ramp – PMSR



The Permanent magnetic separation ramps are used to eliminate the foreign metal particles from dry bulk materials transported by belt conveyor, vibrating feeders or on inclined surfaces.


These separation ramps are used mainly to protect the machinery like crushers, feeders and other similar equipment. Most often they are used to product cleaning / separation of metal particles in food and chemical industry, in foundry plants, coal mines, cement works and in waste recycling, etc.


The quality of the separation depends on the belt speed, type of product, its grain size, type and shape of extracted particles. The magnetic separation ramps are designed to work at suspension height 150, 200, 250 and 300mm above conveyor belt. As standard we supply 2 ramp sizes with suitable magnet size. The size of the magnetic ramp and magnets is designed depending on its application and operation conditions. 




  • Simple installation 
  • High efficiency of separation
  • Service-free operation
  • High operational reliability
  • High intensity system of magnets
  • 20 years guarantee for magnet effectiveness
  • Wide range of dimensions



ORMAKON system

ORMAKON magnets have non-homogeneous magnetic orientation, which concentrates magnetic flow and significantly increases maximal values of magnetic induction in the area of functional pole. By this process we can achieve higher efficiency than with currently used anisotropic magnets, which are homogeneously oriented.   


The Permanent magnetic separation ramps PMSR can be installed in parallel way or transversely above the belt conveyor. The examples of the installation above the tail drum (pic. A). The installation transversely above the belt conveyor (pic. B). In both cases, it is necessary to ensure to have nonmagnetic parts above the separator to prevent the magnetic field disturbance. 



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