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Measuring Device for Conveyor belts, Conveyor drums and car tyres wear survey.


Low-power & high-precision



·       Suitable for quick and precise measurements of all tyres with steel cord, steel drums with rubber layer and transport belts with stranded steel wires

·        Every device is calibrated for several standard types of products; easy type selection

·        Based on electromagnetic principle, the exploring coil geometry enables a substantional random noise suppression

·        The phase detector and a special feed-back bop guarantee unusually high precision and linearity

·        Memory for 1000 thickness measurements with possible text remarks (up to 16 symbols); real-time clock provides time data (day, hour, minute) to each record; type of the product, adjusted correction and temperature gauges data are automatically saved. Records can be viewed/partially edited in the master module.

·        Built-in infrared interface enables the master module to send memory contents to standard PC. Special software enabling the export of measured data to CSV format of MS Excel

·       Unidirectional radio connection between the testing probe (slave) and the master module offers a higher usage comfort

·        Extended keyboard (4x4 keys) of the master module and intuitive multilevel menu system is user-friendly and enables many settings and readings (display brightness/contrast, temperature data, battery voltage, time of power-off and backlite etc.)

·       Low-power electronics and IP65 protection gives you the possibility to measure anywhere and at any time in a broad range of temperatures and humidities; automatic switch-off protects your batteries.

·        Both modules are equipped with a charging set enabling optimal charging of used accumulators; optional connectors.

·        Corpuses of the main module and of the testing probe are made of persistent plastics and reflect ergonomic requirements.

·        Conception of the device is designed as open – special requirements of the end-user can be accepted (add-on functions, different ranges etc) 




Rozsah a přesnost měření

·        0 ÷ 25mm ± 0.2mm; 0 ÷ 50mm ± 0.3mm

LCD display

       ·         Text, two rows 32 symbols (2х16)

Power source

·        2 batteries 1.25V, type IEC HR6 (АА);

·        power adapter for charging device (optional)

Temperature range

·        +5° C…+45° C (humidity 0%...80%)

Radio channel

·        433 MHz, 10m distance (direct visibility)

Device dimensions

·        testing probe     Ø 80 x 150mm

·        master module   115 x 210 x 30mm


Contavt person: Jaroslav Jochman, tel.: +420 777 748 219, E-mail: jochman@vvvmost.cz

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