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Rubber Inflatable Dam Systems

VVV MOST spol. s r.o. produces its own water retention system - rubber inflatable dam system - rubber bags. We are able to deliver the rubber inflatable dam system in any size. Our products are already used, for example, in Prešov in Slovakia and on the River Bílina. The principle of this product is to fill the bag with water, which stops the flow of water in the river. For subsequent drainage, drain flaps are used. These bags are mainly used to regulate the flow of hydropower. Thanks to many years of experience in belt area, we are able to ensure high quality and the lowest bag system cost compared to other manufacturers. We can also fix defects and cracks in bags or repair them.



Ing. Ladislav Jochman

Tel.: +420 777 748 203

E-mail: jochman.ladislav@vvvmost.cz

Manufacture, sale, servicing and installation of rubber inflatable dam systems and bags



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