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Separator of Non-Ferrous Metals SNK

The SNK non-ferrous metal separator is suitable for separating non-magnetic metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, lead and possibly stainless steel from other non-metallic materials such as crushed glass, plastic, sand, rubber and municipal waste.

The non-ferrous metal separator SNK consists of a belt conveyor with a variable rate of feed rate of the separated material. The reciprocating drum of this conveyor is assembled from an outer shell and an internal magnetic drum.

The inner magnetic drum is made of individual magnets, of rare earths, which are connected by the ORMAKON® system. This system produces a non-homogeneous magnetic field that provides at least a 25% higher force effect than conventional magnets made of the same material.


• Easy installation

• High separation efficiency

• Maintenance-free operation

• High operational reliability

• High magnet intensity system

• 20 years of magnet efficiency guarantee

• Wide range of dimensions

ORMAKON magnets have a non-homogeneous magnetic orientation that concentrates the magnetic flux and significantly increases the maximum magnetic field induction values ​​in the functional pole. In this way, higher efficiency can be achieved than with homogeneously oriented anisotropic magnets.

The inner magnetic drum rotates inside the sheath at high speed, which in the metallic materials generates the vortex (Gaussian) currents. These produce an opposite magnetic field than an internal magnetic drum that repels non-magnetic metal particles further from the drum than non-metallic materials that continue their normal trajectory. The separator is suitable for grain sizes from 1 to 200 mm. The power of the separator is between 1 and 5 kW. We recommend using the separator in a vibrating feeder assembly that ensures a continuous and even flow of material on the conveyor.

This project was implemented with financial support from the state budget through the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the partner of the project is SVÚM a.s., Praha - Běchovice.




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