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Pipe & U-type Belt Conveyors

Pipe and U-type conveyors and combinations of both versions are suitable for the environmentally friendly transport of bulk materials in all industries. The most commonly transported materials include cement, gypsum, ore, fertilizers, coal, wood chips, grains, etc.


The design of pipe conveyors eliminates the problems associated with the operation of conventional belt conveyors, such as material falling, bulk limits, dust, etc.


The pipe conveyor track can be guided in both the horizontal and vertical plane. The construction of the pipe conveyor allows to overcome horizontal and vertical bends with a radius of about 80 m and larger.


Pipe conveyors can achieve up to 50% greater capacity of the vertically conveyed material compared to conventional conveyors.


The conveyed material is protected from external influences. Dustiness associated with conveyor operation is minimized.


Bending the pipe-shaped belt or turning the belt and bending into the U-shape at the top and bottom of the conveyor prevents material from falling below the conveyor track and surrounding the environment.


The belt is bended with the "dirty" side inwards to prevent the dirt from sticking to the rollers.


Usual parameters:

- one or two drive stations

- gravity tensioning station

- return stations

- self-supporting steel construction up to 24 m


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