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Z-type & L-type Belt Conveyors

Z-type and L-type conveyors with FLEXOWELL belts are used for vertical conveying of bulk materials in places with limited space for the installation of the transport equipment. Z-type and L-type conveyors can be designed to deliver any type of bulk material starting with finely grained materials and ending with large pieces of ore.


The most commonly transported materials include iron ore, coal, fly ash, gypsum, aggregate, gravel, sand, fertilizer, limestone, etc.


The conveyed material is protected from external influences and dustiness associated with conveyor operation is minimized.


The FLEXOWELL conveyor belt consists of a conveyor belt with a transversally reinforced skeleton, to which are attached rubber side bellows and partitions which allow the vertical transport of bulk materials. The FLEXOWELL conveyor belt is one of the products of VVV MOST, spol. s r.o.


Usual parameters:

- the usual length is up to 20 m

- width 300 to 1200 mm

- capacity 10 to 1000 t/hour


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