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Belt Conveyor Expert Reports

Expert Activity

  • Entry control and complaint of the quality of conveyor belts
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the quality of conveyor belts and their joints
  • Program of evidence of conveyor belts and their joints
  • Transport lifetime standards
  • Determining the main causes of premature conveyor belt changes
Optimal Choice of Conveyor Belts
  • Price, payment terms, guarantees
  • Unification of conveyor belts and minimization of stockpiles
  • Durability and failure of conveyor belts
  • Minimize costs for the purchase, operation, maintenance and repair of conveyor belts
  • Increased time utilization of belt conveyors
Assessment of Wear, Condition and Quality of Conveyor Belts
  • Measurement of conveyor belt wear
  • Measurement of rubber lagged pulleys wear
  • Mechanical properties of conveyor belts
  • Evaluation of the quality of conveyor belts and adhesives
  • Photo and video documentation of wear and tensile strength testing of conveyor belts
Solving Operational Problems and Optimizing Maintenance
  • Solving specific problems of belt conveyor operation
  • Addressing specific congestion belt problems
  • Proposals for the introduction of an optimal maintenance system for belt conveyors and conveyor belts including implementation




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Expert Activity and Diagnostics of Conveyor Belts and Joints





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