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Services for Belt Conveyors

VVV MOST spol. s r.o. has been performing over 20 years of comprehensive maintenance service in the field of maintenance and jointing of conveyor belts.

Provided services:

• repairing and splicing rubber and steel cord belts of all types by cold and hot vulcanization

• splicing of special conveyor belts such as: U-type belts, sidewall belts, pipe belts, PVC belts, EPP belts, Monoply belts and Ripstop belts

• we provide diagnostics of conveyor belts and provide emergency service

• we also provide conveyor belt lifetime expert reports

• we produce special conveyor belts for separators and belt weighers

• rubber lagging of conveyor pulleys (drums) and metal parts - the method of cold vulcanization

• production and sale of profiled belts

• production and sale of vulcanizing press machines

• contractual year-round preventive and emergency service, repair and maintenance of conveyor belts


Equipment and qualifications of workers:

The aforementioned activity is provided by 12 qualified vulcanizers trained at REMA TIP-TOP Stahlgruber with a minimum practice of 15 years. We have 4 assembly vehicles, 6 complete sets for cold vulcanization, 4 vulcanization press machines for splicing in widths from 200 mm to 2200 mm and a stationary shop vulcanization press. Repairs and joints are done mainly at the customer's workplaces, but also in our own vulcanization workshop.

Our customers are:

• power plants of ČEZ, a.s., heat plants

• quarries, sand-gravel quarries, sand quarries

• papermills, chemical plants, timber factories

• cement factories, lime factories, brick factories, glass factories, etc.

Volume and scope of work carried out:

Besides contractual partners, where the year-round service is provided, we carry out splicing and repairs, repeatedly for several years, at other approx. 150 business partners. The scope of work in one year is approx. 1200 joints and repairs various conveyor belts from 200mm to 1800mm (width) and from 2m to 1500m (length).


The company has prepared a quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9002 for certification. All activity is managed and controlled according to the relevant management documents. Under this system, complaints are lodged, representing a maximum of 0.2% of the volume of work.

Special orders

Splicing and repairing of special belts:

• Pipe conveyor belts

• Flexowell conveyor belts

• EPP conveyor belts

• Monopoly strips and ripstop belts

Conveyor belt replacement and disposal

Conveyor belt replacement:

• We disassemble and deploy the conveyor belts

• We offer the opportunity to renovate worn-out conveyor belts

• We ensure disposal and removal of old and used conveyor belts

If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to contact the person or send a request to E-mail.



Ing. Tomáš Kočí

Tel.: +420 777 748 206

E-mail: koci@vvvmost.cz

Splicing and Repairing of Conveyor Belts at Your Place



Ing. Ladislav Jochman

Tel.: +420 777 748 203

E-mail: jochman.ladislav@vvvmost.cz

Splicing and Repairing of Conveyor Belts




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