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MATADOR Conveyor Belts

VVV MOST spol. s r.o. has been supplying all types of conveyor belts for over 25 years to suppliers from all over Europe and we represent Continental Matador for the Czech Republic.


Dopravní pásy matador - zastoupení v České republice - VVV MOST spol. s r.o.


We have conveyor belts with both standard and special rubber coatings, such as heat resistant, burning resistant, oil or chemical resistant coatings. These conveyor belts are made within DIN and ISO 9001 standards. We can offer our customers, in addition to new belts, also belts used or bought from stock. In the emergency warehouse of transport belts in the Bylany area near Most, we are ready to immediately take 7.000 m2 of new and 10.000 m2 of used belts of the most commonly used types with the possibility of taking any lengths. We provide warranty and post-warranty service.

Rubber conveyor belts are intended primarily for the transport of bulk material. They are most commonly used in the mining, metallurgical and chemical industries, sandbanks, gravel quarries, quarries, cement plants, limestone, harbors and power stations.



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Matador Conveyor Belts



Ing. Josef Vala

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