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Impact Beds & Bars

The impact bed absorbs the impact energy of the material falling from the height onto the conveyor belt. Impact bed provides maximum belt support across the length and width of the material loading zone and prevents damage to the conveyor belt and minimizes material fall.

Impact beds are manufactured according to customer specifications so that it can easily be placed on existing conveyors. The individual impact bars are attached to the impact bed construction using 60mm and 90mm M16 bolts. Impact bed widths are delivered according to the width of the conveyor belt with bar lengths from 1 240 mm to 1 500 mm.



• Easy installation and variable impact area arrangement.

• It dampens the impacts caused by the falling material.

• Increases the life of the conveyor belt, the belt does not come loose when the material is impacted. 


Impact Bars


The impact bar is made of a damping black rubber with a UHMWPe upper sliding material that has excellent sliding properties and high abrasion resistance. The rubber of the impact bar effectively absorbs the impact of the falling material. The fastening bar profile is made of aluminum.

The impact bar is attached to an impact bed construction exactly manufactured to the customer's specifications.

Impact Bars Specifications:


Bar Length Bar Height Bar Width Bar Weight
1 240 mm 55 mm 100 mm 9 kg
1 500 mm 55 mm 100 mm 10 kg
1 240 mm 75 mm 100 mm 12 kg
1 500 mm 75 mm 100 mm 14 kg






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Impact Beds and Bars



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