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DUK Safety Switches & Emergency Stop Systems


DUK Safety Switches and Emergency Stop Systems

Dittelbach und Kerzler GmbH & Co. KG

As a competent partner of major users and designers of these devices, we offer you reliable switching devices.

Devices meet ČSN EN 60947-5-5 standard.


EX Switches for Belt Conveyors (Explosion Resistant) >>>
Protect your conveyor belts from damage in potentially explosive atmospheres. The conveyor belt misalignment switches and pull cord switches are mounted on belt conveyors to minimize the risk of damage or destruction of the belt when deflected from its path.

Conveyor Belt Misalignment Switches >>>
Protect your conveyor belts from damage when deflecting them from the prescribed path by installing the switches on the conveyor construction. They are usually located at the transfer and load points (at longer conveyors even in the middle).

Pull Cord Switches for Belt Conveyors >>>
Pull cord emergency switches are used to quickly shut down conveyor or other large machines and equipment by pulling on a cable that is connected to a switch. It also serves as a protection for people such as falling on the conveyor, etc.

Lever Limit Switches for Belt Conveyors >>>
The lever safety switches are used in linear or swivelling movements to report the reached position or to shut off the circuit in the end positions. Typically, they are positioned at the ends of the conveyor.

Material Flow Controls for Belt Conveyors >>>
Material Flow Monitors are installed to automatically check the height of the material transported on the conveyor belt as well as material flow interruptions.
Motion Control for Belt Conveyors >>>

Monitor the speed of your conveyor belt reliably. Detects standstill, overspeed or underspeed of the conveyor belt. An advantage is the non-slip rubber wheel driven with the conveyor belt itself.




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DUK Safety Switches and Emergency Stop Systems 



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