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Membrane Level Indicator HZM 2250

The HZM 2250 can be used wherever loose masses occur, both in different drifts, overfills, reservoirs, as well as in machines such as crushers, mills and the like. The reliability of the guard is guaranteed both in weather changes around the sensor and in changes in the consistency of the stuffed or pouring material that occurs when the material is splashed, in high dust and temperature changes.

The Hatch Guard works on the principle of using the elasticity of a rubber membrane to which a metallic object is attached which extends when the membrane is pushed into the electromagnetic field of the inductive sensor or into the electrostatic field of the electrostatic (capacitance) sensor.

The sensors have a working range of -40 ºC to + 80 ºC.

The product is protected as a utility model, its unauthorized production will be prosecuted by law.

Principle of inductive sensors:

The sensors provide information about position, end position, level of level, or are deployed as pulse sources. Inductive sensors use a physical phenomenon to change the magnetic field oscillation by the loss caused by eddy currents in electrically conductive materials. The oscillatory LC circuit generates a high frequency electromagnetic field. This field lies above the active surface of the sensor, when an electrically conductive object is approached, in the case of a plunger probe a metallic object fixed to a rubber membrane, eddy currents are generated according to the induction law in this subject, which draw energy from the oscillation circuit. The oscillation amplitude decreases. The sensor evaluates two states. In the absence of the object being sensed in the active zone (passive state of the sensor) a large oscillation amplitude and vice versa in the object in the active zone (active state of the sensor), a small oscillation amplitude. In industrial applications, contactless sensors offer many advantages over mechanical switches. They work without contact with the material being scanned, there is no wear, they allow a high number of switching operations and great switching accuracy. They are also resistant to vibration, dust and moisture. 



The HZM 2250 hatch monitors are most often mounted on the outside wall of the guarded area, especially where there is a loose material such as coal, stone and sand.



All types of hatch guards are manufactured as maintenance-free. Hoods can be cleaned in a dusty environment by rinsing.




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Membrane Level Indicator HZM 2250



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