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Radiofrequency Temperature Measurement

Temperature measuring system for rotating parts of industrial machines and devices.


- Suitable for fast and accurate real-time contact temperature measurement on rotating parts of industrial machines under operating conditions that do not allow direct access to the object being measured

- Useful for measurement in non-stationary installations, including operations with difficult conditions such as mines, quarries, etc.

- The measuring system consists of two separate parts of the microprocessors - the own measuring part (TAG) and the scanning and control part (READER)

- The measuring part - TAG - with selected sensors is firmly connected to the part of the device whose temperature is measured

- Currently the temperature is measured from seven different sensors, but there is a possibility of further expansion

- Measurement accuracy depends, among other things, on the number of sensors; in the standard embodiment is typically ± 0.1%

- The actual measurement is performed by a comparative method by measuring the capacitor charging time through temperature-dependent resistances and identical measurements through accurate, temperature-stable resistance

- TAG is conceived as passive, ie. without battery, and therefore is maintenance-free.

- Activation of the TAG, ie the acquisition of the electrical energy needed for its operation, occurs automatically by rectifying and filtering the carrier wave energy received by READER within about 20ms as soon as its antenna reaches the reach of the electromagnetic field emitted by READER - this allows the operation of these TAGs, where other battery-powered measuring devices could not be installed

- The READER antenna is located at a distance ensuring trouble-free power supply to the TAG and transmission of measured data

- Power supply of the READER is secured from the grid

- The transmission of measured data takes place on the principle of radio frequency identification (RFID) of load modulation in the Manchester code at a transmission frequency of 70 kHz

- The 13.56MHz READER carrier frequency ensures trouble-free TAG and READER connections in a normal operation up to a distance comparable to that of the antennas

- The main advantage of a temperature measurement system over non-contact infrared thermometers, measuring surface temperature, is the ability to measure at multiple locations in the monitored volume almost simultaneously

- All measured values ​​are written to the SD card in the READER slot together with the real-time clock and the measured air temperature. Real-time clock battery life - 3 years. The two selected temperatures are also displayed on the READER display

- The inside of the READER is tempered, allowing operation even at low temperatures

- The READER can be equipped with logic input and output for connection to the control system and the RS485 serial bus with MODbus protocol for connection to higher systems

- The concept of the device is conceived as open - special end user requirements can be accepted (additional functions such as ambient humidity and temperature measurement)

Range and accuracy of temperature measurement at the sensor location

-50 ° C ... + 200 ° C ± 0.1%

LCD display

Text 2x16 characters

Voltage source

READER 220 V ~ 50 Hz; 30 W

External temperature range (TAG and READER)

-30ºC ... + 65ºC (humidity 0% ... 80%)

Radio channel

13.56 MHz

Device dimensions

READER (HxWxD): 100x160x81 mm

TAG temperature sensor: approx. Ø2x5 mm


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