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Tensile Testing Machine TTM

The range offered by the family of tensile testing machines is designed for laboratory and operational measurement of mechanical properties. Tensile testing machines are able to meet the full range of standards and unique test requirements across different industries. Extended machine length is preferred for longer samples and longer prolonged samples.

The range of models offered includes:

1 kN and 3 kN - models for small tensile forces

8 kN - model for mid-force tensile forces

20 kN - model for large tensile forces

Interchangeable force sensors for different loads with precision class C (3000 n. OIML)

Max. speed of 0.8 m/s and an acceleration of 10 m/s2

Max. tear length 1500 mm

Repeated accuracy ± 0.02 mm


- user-friendly measurements

- robust design of a machine suitable for use in operating conditions

- meets industry standards

- customization according to customer requirements (eg peel testing, joint testing, elastomer testing)

- the possibility of manual or computer-controlled measurement with the storage of measured data and the printing of protocols

- different software solutions

- RS-485 line, USB

- different types of clamps for fast attachment and release of samples


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Development, Research and Measurement Technology



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Development, Research and Measurement Technology



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