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A dynamic thermodurometer is a device developed to operate non-destructive measurement of mechanical properties of elastomer samples. The device can measure a number of standard (basic) mechanical properties of elastomers, measure the elastic-plastic deformation, measure hardness according to ISO 7619, either in Shore A or Shore D units (conical cone or tip) of the measured material. Due to its unique design, it can also be used for the testing and characterization of elastomers in a wide range of industries where extended measurement options such as dynamic mode or measurement at different temperatures can be used.

The required temperature changes are implemented in the device by Peltier cells. Regulation or specific temperature settings including programmable sample temperature changes are normally possible within the temperature range (-10 ° C to + 60 ° C) depending on ambient temperature. The measurement output is an easy-to-use csv file in any spreadsheet.

• User-friendly testing

• Durable design suitable for use in operating conditions

• Computer-controlled measurement with recording of measured data and protocol printing capabilities

• The device is connectable to a PC using a USB cable

• Various software solutions

• Power supply - 220 V; 50 Hz; 50 W

Available ranges:

• 0.3 kg - model for applications with small measuring forces

• 1.2 kg - a model for medium-sized measuring forces

• 3.0 kg - model for applications with high measuring forces

The dynamic pressure loading of the samples with the simultaneous application of the selected temperature profiles allows the determination of the viscoelastic material properties by determining the position and intensity of the characteristic relaxation areas. The Dynamic and Temperature Extensions offer improvements compared to the classic digital durometer (still unrealistic in operating conditions), while fully replacing it in static mode.

The instrument allows three basic dynamic measurement modes:

• creep - measures the time dependence of the penetration depth of the indentor at a constant load

• tension relaxation - measures the time course of the force drop at the given indenture input

• Pressure test - measures the dependence of the force applied to the material at a constant rate of fall of the indentor (similar to the tensile test for elastomers)

The device also offers other dynamic measurement modes to a limited extent:

• harmonic stress - measurement of material response to harmonic loading

• creep nonlinearity - jump-increasing measurement

• breakthrough - testing the material response to a sharp change in the position of the indentor

The thermoelectric module allows temperature range up to 90 ° C (-10 ° C to + 80 ° C).

Platinum temperature sensors Pt100 (accuracy 0.03%) provide information on temperatures of the lower and upper surface of the sample and surroundings.

Control electronics with PID temperature controller ensures precise temperature stabilization with the use of temperature profiles (ramps, sharp jumps, etc.).

OM 502T is a programmable 5-digit panel display for strain gauge bridges.

The base of the device is a single-chip microcontroller with a fast 24-bit A / D converter, which guarantees good accuracy and ease of operation:

• Speed: 1 to 100 measurements / sec

• Accuracy: ± 0.02% with range +1 digits

Interchangeable bending aluminum force sensors type M104 with different nominal capacity of 0.3-0.6-1.2-3.0 kg in the precision class C (3000 divisions O.I.M.L.). Degree of protection IP 66 (EN 60529).

Integrated high-resolution sin / cos position sensor with a repetition accuracy of ± 12 μm and an absolute accuracy of ± 350 μm. Complete protection with IP67 protection.

Linear motor of the STB 1108 series:

• Permanent force - 15 N

• Maximum speed - 7 m / s

• Top acceleration - 119 m / s2

• Repeat accuracy - 12 μm

• Maximum length of indentation - 4 mm

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