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Conveyor Skirt Sealing Systems

SIDE BTV Conveyor Sealing Systems

When moving the material on a belt conveyor belt, it is usually swirling and separating the small dust particles of the material to be transported. This is mainly the matter of transfer points between conveyors, dumpers, or places where some of the relaxed layer of material dissolves and mixes. This is particularly noticeable for dry, brittle or dusty materials. A very frequent example is coal and power coal with a large fraction of the fraction.

With growing demands on environmental technology requirements, the question of how to eliminate or minimize the dusty dustiness of belt conveyors is at the forefront.

VVV MOST has developed, manufactured and supplied a complete passive dust reduction program for belt conveyors where, besides impact and soothe beds, dustbins and anti-dust screens, the adaptive longitudinal seal of the side guide and hoppers is also included.




• Perfect functionality, high degree of sealing

• High environmental performance improvement

• Easy to mount on existing or new sidewalls

• Simple setup and easy maintenance

• Automatic wear compensation

• Easy parts replacement

• Universal use for all belt conveyor sizes

• Modular concepts


The side seal is a two-stage, located outside the side guide plate. The first degree of sealing is provided by a rigid flat strip of special rubbing rubber. The second degree of sealing provides an original rubber profile that automatically compensates for wear and adapts to the belt profile due to its own elasticity, thus ensuring perfect sealing without any gaps under all circumstances, especially if a total length of 10m of sealing elements can be used without connection. The whole system of 1-2m of fastening segments is mounted on the sidewalls by a minimum of fasteners, ensuring simple and quick assembly, as well as changing and setting sealing elements.




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Conveyor Sealing Systems



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