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DUK Safety Switches & Emergency Stop Systems

Conveyor Belt Misalignment Switches


Protect your conveyor belts from damage when deflecting them from the prescribed path by installing the switches on the conveyor construction. They are usually located at the transfer and load points (at longer conveyors even in the middle).


  • Up to 4 switches

  • Fast switching

  • Direct opening of the box

  • BMC cover, optional cast iron

  • Continuously adjustable gap between the belt and the lever

  • Degree of protection IP67

  • GOST-R Certification (Mandatory Certification in Russia)

  • Both housing types (LHPE and LHPM) are IP67 (water and dust)

  • The contacts are made of silver or gold-plated. Each microswitch is certified by CDE and CCC.

  • For the Russian market there are GOST-R certificate switches

The conveyor belt misalignment switches are applied to belt conveyors to minimize the risk of damage or destruction of the belt when deflected.

These misalignment switches are designed for heavy and demanding operation. The cover is made of high quality, impact-resistant, thick-walled and corrosion-resistant glass fiber reinforced polyester (BMC) or gray cast iron for conveyor rollers. However, the polyester is less brittle and therefore more resistant to impact. Long life, reliability and reusability guarantees take on hidden details such as sealing rings that seal all shafts from the box, stainless steel shaft and screws, box screws, and so on.


When belt is being deflected from its path, the edge of the belt pushes against the lever. If the safety angle is exceeded, the NC contacts will close. The contact switches A and B, which switch at two angles of rotation, can be fitted with the detour switches. A 15 ° deflection angle is followed by the operator's alert and subsequent control of the conveyed quantity of material on the conveyor, but the conveyor does not shut off. However, if the deflection angle reaches 25 °, then the conveyor is switched off immediately. Depending on the frequency of the first contact, it is also possible to evaluate when the machine maintenance intervention is required to adjust the conveyor.





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