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DUK Safety Switches & Emergency Stop Systems

Pull Cord Switches for Belt Conveyors


Pull cord emergency switches are used to quickly shut down conveyor or other large machines and equipment by pulling on a cable that is connected to a switch. It also serves as a protection for people such as falling on the conveyor, etc.


  • Economically advantageous long-term service life

  • Top self-cleaning contacts

  • The cord is always visibly red

  • Changing the temperature by 54 ° C does not affect the function

  • From a distance visible lever position and cable adjustment

  • It does not require maintenance

  • Application temperature -40 ° C to + 85 ° C

Emergency pull cord switches are used for large-scale machinery such as belt conveyors, roller conveyors, screeners and other devices.

With proper electrical and mechanical connection of the switch and pulling the pull cord, it will cause the machine to stop in an emergency. Emergency stop cord switches even when inadvertently pulled, for example, when the person in the pull cord runs, falls or when caught by the machine and towed to the cord


Basic types of LH switches:

  • type "B" - for 2x50 meters of cable length
  • type "BSL" or "BSR" - for 1x50 meters of cable length
  • types with box protection class I or II, IP 67
  • types for explosion environments
  • types for chemistry (stainless steel)
  • box material - fiberglass or cast iron
  • special type for short distances SNS 22




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